Help Point Covers | Special 72 LCH1 is available in the form of mouldings, vacuum welded jointed sheets, profile extrusions and sheet. It is particularly suited to use in engineering applications where public safety is a main concern. There is a wide range of standard colours available; although not all colours can be matched, Ronfell Group has a large amount of experience at being able to produce these materials in colours that are tailored to customer requirements.

Help Point Covers

  • Strong: Protect against Dust Contamination and extremes of Temperature: -10°C to +40°C with no Heat Build-up of asset.
  • Lightweight & Tough: Resilient Cloth Material.
  • Easy to Apply: Just slip easily over asset at any time.
  • Fully Compliant: Conform to LUL requirements.
  • Easy to Store: Folds up flat.
  • Reduced Disruption to Passenger Flow: Fewer Broken Gates needing to be left open thereby reducing losses from non-paying passengers. Keeps operational efficiency of the Station.
  • Reduced Penalties for Damaged Assets: Fewer Damaged Assets Leased from Prestige means less compensation to pay.

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